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New Events Highlight the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience

by Desane Blaney, AGM Executive Director

Mark your calendars! The PGA Fashion and Demo Experience will take place on August 12-14, 2019 at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. This event, held in conjunction with Las Vegas Fashion Week, showcases an expanded presentation of apparel, accessories and hardgoods from established as well as emerging brands. Retailers will have a tremendous opportunity to view a myriad of collections and plan their buys for Spring 2020.

Notable amelioration to the popular venue includes an AGM Welcome Reception on Monday evening, Live Fashion Show & Networking Event on Tuesday evening at the Tao Nightclub, Technology Forum presented by the National Golf Course Owners Association, Educational Seminars and the PGA Demo Experience & Closing Reception now changed to Wednesday afternoon at Topgolf.

Marc Simon, PGA Golf Exhibitions Event Director noted, "We are pleased to work with the PGA of America, AGM, NGCOA, Topgolf and our exhibiting companies to offer these enhancements to drive industry business through additional buyer and exhibitor networking opportunities and enhanced sourcing and education programs. The compact schedule and event programming, focusing on fashion, technology, innovation and demo experiences, in the tremendous setting of Las Vegas, will provide participating industry leaders with an enjoyable, efficient schedule to immediately enrich their careers and business." To register and view the schedule of events: www.pgalasvegas.com

In this issue of the AGM e-Tailer:

  • Highlights from the AGM Member Survey
  • Profitable Promotions
  • Vendor Partner News
  • Employment Opportunities on the AGM Job Board
  • Apparel Market Report
  • National Rounds Played and Key State Specifics
  • Golf Datatech Report
  • New Members
  • Member News


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2019 AGM Member Survey Preview

Many thanks to the 311 AGM members who completed the annual questionnaire and contributed valuable statistics for our annual publication. The return rate of 44.4% was one of the highest in our history.


Overall Sales Comparisons - 2018 vs. 2017

  • 68.0% HIGHER
  • 20.5% ABOUT the SAME
  • 11.5% LOWER

Salaries / Bonuses / Commissions

  • 80.84% - Salaried Employees
  • 17.21% - Hourly Employees
  • 1.95% - Retainer
  • 59.61% Report an Increase in Salary
  • 39.41% Remained the Same
  • .98% Report a Decrease
  • 76.31% Receive a Bonus or Commission

The AGM acknowledges and thanks the following Vendor Partner sponsors of this project: Ahead, Antigua, Barr Display, Beth DePass, Cutter & Buck, Donald Ross Sportswear, FootJoy, Foray Golf, Greg Norman Collection, Ogio, Oxford, PGA Golf Exhibitions and Ping Apparel.


Profitable Promotions

Bella Vista POA - Bella Vista, Arkansas
Leslie Terry
To kick off the golf season, we ran the "Golden Ticket" promotion for our members. It encouraged the members to get fresh gear to start the season and to see the e=new offerings in our pro shops.

We had 42 completed tickets turned in representing an average of $150 in sales which were entered into the drawing of six grand prizes - drivers, putters and GPS units which were donated from our vendors. With no expense, this promotion brought in $6,300 in sales to our shops in one month and rewarded our customers who shop and support us without having to discount items they were already going to purchase.

Blackwolf Run - Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Josue Reyes, Steve Risler, Dirk Willis
Moving excess merchandise - a challenge for retailers everywhere and as a result we implemented a new promotion to assist in this effort.

Spend $100 in regularly priced apparel and purchase any shirt on our sale rounder for $35. This promotion has been well-received by our guests and interestingly, a number of them find the sale shirt first and then they shopped for the regularly priced item. The rounder held approximately 130 hangers and we easily turned the rack at least three times during the month of the promotion which translated into selling over 250 shirts at $35 per or $8750 in sales.

The only downside to this promotion was the very slight increase to our Cost of Sales, but the upside was the tremendous reception to it. And, because merchandise was moved it opened up shelves in our overloaded, small storage area which made managing the new inventory much easier and organized.

Carlsbad Golf Center - Carlsbad, California
Susan Roll and Dana Chaiken
Find the GOLD BALL in a range bucket for a chance to win a $250 gift card! We crafted this promotion to run over a 15-day period to commemorate our 15-year anniversary. Since our range customers can go directly to the outdoor ball machines, we wanted to drive more foot traffic into the shop. If the customer found a gold ball in their bucket, they brought it to the shop and entered a drawing to win the grand prize and other fabulous prizes. If they purchased an item that day, they chose a "heart bag" and realized instant savings up to 50%.

Our costs to run this promotion were minimal as we advertised it on our social media pages, website and e-mail newsletter. In addition to some elated customers, our range revenue soared 54% over the prior year and it was the best 15-day period in our history with merchandise sales increasing by 4%.

Carrying Place Golf & Country Club - King, Ontario, Canada
Rich Morel
The concept this year for our Father's Week promotion was to offer a great perceived value with a high margin. To that effort, we took advantage of a great "opportunity buy" and purchased 48 pairs of Hollas shorts on clear-out for $25 a pair. Based on our booking order with Sun Ice we also had the opportunity to receive 24 free polos and we opted to purchase an additional 24 pieces at 25% off wholesale to ensure we had sufficient stock to build an attractive display and provide a deep size run.

The sale was offered for one-week culminating on Father's day and featured: Hollas Shorts & Sun Ice Shirt regularly priced at $154.98 for $99.99, Purchase any additional Hollas Short or Sun Ice Shirt for $35.99, and spend over $200 on this promotion and receive two complimentary hats of your choosing. The offering was a complete sell out and our 90% profit margin was our most successful to date.

Prior to this promotion I viewed "selling out" as a missed opportunity on m part. I now view things differently as my goal is to purchase enough inventory to challenge our team to sell through or sell out. This has created a sense of urgency for all subsequent promotions we run to encourage members to hurry in before their size or colour sell out.

Muirfield Village Golf Club - Dublin, Ohio
Larry Dornisch and Kristin Deam
This was a year of innovation and collaboration across many departments and outside partners to create something new for our Annual Memorial Tournament and reach the millennial demographic. We partnered with a local developer who built a new residential center where people went to eat, play, drink, shop and live. The center included a Conference Center and AC Hotel all within close proximity to the club. Our partnership allowed us to open up a Memorial Tournament Pop-Up Shop for the four weeks leading up to and including the week of the tournament.

The shop had retail lighting, fixtures, mannequins, photos, music and merchandise and the staff was poised to provide an incredible guest experience. We added some merchandise that was exclusive to the pop-up shop and it was also the only place you could get product before the event or outside of the grounds of the club. In addition to traditional offerings, one could find collegiate layers and tanks, yoga leggings that depicted the map of the course, Stance socks custom-designed, and Guy Harvey Tees with Jack Nicklaus on them.

For the very first time, we offered a "Millennial Day Ticket" for the weekend of the tournament. Guests could come to the shop to purchase their day ticket which included free parking, shuttle service and drink tickets. We sold out of Millennial Day tickets and realized over $22,000 from this pop-up location.

Maderas Golf Club - Poway, California
Amanda Piro
The release of new wedges which were promoted to be game changers made narrowing down the choices extremely difficult. In an effort to make the process inviting, we created "Wedge Wednesdays." These weekly clinics, limited to 12 participants, were created to get the clubs into our guest's hands while enjoying an evening of light appetizers and beverages at our facility.

The clinic was valued at $289, but priced attractively at $159 to create interest and value. Titleist and Callaway representatives provided a full line of demos in order to fit participants properly and two of the Maderas Golf Academy instructors conducted a one-hour wedge lesson. Also included was one complimentary wedge with a choice of a Titleist SM7 or a Callaway MacDaddy 4, complimentary appetizers and drinks, and additional wedge orders included a 10% discount. As a result of these clinics, our wedge sales increased by 72% over the previous year.

Nantucket Golf Club - Siaconset, Massachusetts
Mike Demakos, Juliann Schrader, Matt Sheperd
We strive to create the best experience possible for all of our members and guests. With this in mind, it is imperative they have the proper equipment to ensure an enjoyable round. Equipment manufacturers are constantly developing new technology and it is important for us to keep up on a yearly basis.

Each season we order 20 new rental sets ranging from ladies flex to men's stiff from Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping and PXG. Our goal is to have a set of clubs that will properly fit any player needing or requesting a set. A wide-array gives players the opportunity to play with a set that is similar to what they use at their home club or have an interest in purchasing.

We offer a program to purchase one of our many rental sets at the end of the season because it not only gives us the ability to purchase all new sets each season, but offers a great value to the interested members and guests. All rentals sets are sold at a discounted rate - nearly 50% off retail and each set used during the season has a tag labeling both the retail price and the discounted price that we will offer at season's end. The purchasers have the confidence the sets are the newest technology and available at a price they cannot find anywhere. Last season our rental sets were used 297 times which totaled $22,275 in revenue and our end of season sales program generated another $30,330.


Employment Opportunities from Member Facilities and Vendor Partners

The AGM newsletter highlights the posting of employment opportunities offered by member facilities and Vendor Partners. For detailed information about the postings, please refer to the AGM website, www.agmgolf.org and click on "job opportunities."

Merchandiser Positions:

  • Butterfield CC, Oak Brook, IL - Retail Merchandise Manager
  • Cattail Creek CC, Glenwood, MD - Golf Shop Manager / Merchandiser
  • Cherry Valley Club, NY - Golf Shop Manager
  • Cullasaja Club, Highlands, NC - Golf Shop Manager
  • Hammock Dunes Club, Palm Coast, FL - Merchandiser
  • Hidden Valley CC, Sandy, UT - Golf Shop Merchandiser
  • Loblolly, Hobe Sound, FL - Merchandise Manager
  • Olympia Fields CC, Olympia Fields, IL - Golf Shop Merchandiser
  • Olympic Hills GC, Eden Prairie, MN - Golf Shop Merchandiser
  • Southern Hills CC, Tulsa, OK - Retail Associate / Merchandiser
  • The Apawamis Club, Rye, NY - Golf Shop Merchandiser

Sales Representatives:

  • Abacus, Anderson Ord Apparel, Birdies and Bows
  • Black Clover, Bugatchi, Callaway Soft Goods, Caren Products
  • Corkcicle, Devereux, Eyeking LLC, Full Turn Direct, Gem-Dandy
  • Garb, Glenayr, Golf Design, Golfino, Jamie Sadock
  • JBA Awards, Joe's Jeans, Jofit, Katherine Way, Kinona Golf & Life
  • Martin Dingman, Movetes, Nivo/Sligo
  • Oxford, PRG Americas, QED Style, Royal Albartross, Scout Sports
  • Sport Haley, Tory Sport, Tee 2 Sea, Town Talk, Vantage Apparel

AGM member clubs and Vendor Partners may post their employment opportunities on our website as a benefit of membership. There is no limit as to the number of times an opportunity is posted or updated during the year. Please contact us with your information at info@agmgolf.org


Vendor Partner News

Howie Ellis was named Vice-President of Sales - Golf Division for TASC Performance. A veteran of the industry, Howie previously served as the General Manager for PING Apparel.

Linda Faye, Founder and Creative Director of Just 4 Golf, recently sold her business to Mary Morrison of Little Miss Tennis based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Linda, recently married, decided to retire and play some golf!


March 2019 Highlights - Apparel Market Report
On & Off-Course Facilities

by Golf Datatech

Men's Golf Apparel On-Course Off-Course
Men's Shirts - including long and short sleeve:    
Average Retail Price of shirts sold: $64.60 $40.00
Price Range: $0 - $49.99 29.2% 70.3%
Price Range: $50 - $74.99 37.7% 22.8%
$75 + 32.1% 6.8%
Men's Bottoms - including pants and shorts:    
Average Retail Price of bottoms sold: $63.58 $51.83
Price Range:$0 - $49.99 26.8% 53.9%
Price Range: $50 - $74.99 47.5% 27.7%
$75 + 25.7% 18.5%

Women's Golf Apparel On-Course Off-Course
Women's Shirts - including long and short sleeve:    
Average Retail Price of shirts sold: $53.70 $40.13
Price Range: $0 - $49.99 46.0% 73.4%
Price Range: $50 - $74.99 38.8% 16.1%
$75 + 15.1% 10.6%
Women's Bottoms - including shorts, skirts, pants and skorts:    
Average Retail Price of bottoms sold: $62.94 $52.38
Price Range:$0 - $49.99 32.0% 56.8%
Price Range: $50 - $74.99 41.1% 23.2%
$75 + 26.8% 20.0%

Golf Datatech offers monthly reports listing the top selling apparel companies at no charge to golf shops participating in the retail research. The reports cover men's and women's shirts, vests, sweaters, fleece, bottoms and five categories of outerwear. To find out more, contact Suzie Phillips, sphillips@golfdatatech.com or call 888-944-4116.


National Rounds Played Report & Key State Specifics

Rounds were UP 0.1% in March 2019 and DOWN 2.7% year-to-date as compared to March 2018.

Percentage Change in Rounds Played Volume
Regions of the Country March 2019 Year-to-Date
U.S. 0.1% -2.7%
Public -1.0% -3.3%
Private 4.4% -1.4%
Pacific -29.1% -17.4%
Mountain -18.6% -13.9%
West North Central -32.9% -21.7%
East North Central -37.4% -7.1%
South Central 3.5% 3.8%
South Atlantic -3.8% 3.1%
Mid-Atlantic -21.8% 4.2%
New England -37.6% 10.1%

Key State Specifics
Key State Specifics March 2019 YTD
Arizona 2.7% -3.9%
California 2.8% -12.2%
Colorado -54.0% -45.0%
Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland 46.2% 16.9%
Florida 0.6% 1.9%
Hawaii 0.7% -4.2%
New York 18.4% 16.3%
Nevada 5.1% -11.9%
Michigan -12.7% -12.2%
Kansas/Nebraska -28.4% -27.6%
Texas -13.5% -3.0%
Virginia-WVA 36.1% 19.8%
Washington 2.9% -0.3%
Ohio 24.8% 20.7%
Iowa/Missouri -24.8% -24.5%
South Carolina 2.6% 3.7%

Golf Datatech spearheads the National Rounds Played Coalition with assistance from the National Golf Foundation and the National Golf Course Owners Association.


Golf Datatech Report

Total Units & Dollars
On & Off Course Shops Combined
Total Year to Date through March 2019
Compared to March 2018

Product Total Units Total Dollars Average Price
GOLF BALLS (000's Doz.) (000)'s Omitted Per Dozen
2018 2176.89 $69,424 $31.89
2019 2033.26 $67,484 $33.19
Percentage Change -6.6% -2.8% 4.1%
WOODS (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Club
2018 483.60 $125,706 $259.94
2019 472.38 $131,422 $278.21
Percentage Change -2.3% 4.5% 7.0%
IRONS (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Club
2018 1180.33 $128,353 $108.74
2019 1054.73 $124,296 $117.85
Percentage Change -10.6% -3.2% 8.4%
PUTTERS (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Putter
2018 123.99 $23,981 $193.41
2019 118.61 $25,162 $212.14
Percentage Change -4.3% 4.9% 9.7%
WEDGES (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Wedge
2018 238.03 $27,898 $117.20
2019 198.16 $25,111 $126.72
Percentage Change -16.7% -10.0% 8.1%
GOLF SHOES (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Pair
2018 638.04 $61,567 $96.49
2019 609.35 $58,115 $95.37
Percentage Change -4.5% -5.6% -1.2%
GLOVES (000's Doz.) (000)'s Omitted Per Glove
2018 126.30 $21,801 $14.38
2019 125.82 $21,527 $14.26
Percentage Change -0.4% -1.3% -0.9%
GOLF BAGS (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Bag
2018 161.14 $28,869 $160.54
2019 155.85 $25,176 $167.96
Percentage Change -3.3% 1.2% 4.6%

For more detailed reports covering retail sales for golf products including apparel, contact Suzie Phillips at Golf Datatech, sphillips@golfdatatech.com or call 888-944-4116.


New AGM Vendor Partner Members

The following golf companies joined the AGM during this past month. Please support these new members as well as the many other AGM Vendor Partners. Click here or go to the Vendor Partners page to view all of the fine offers and services available for AGM members.


Stella Martin, President/CEO

Bellemonde offers a spectacular tournament gift and items to sell in the pro shop - great bags, golf & travel accessories for men and women.

For additional information, visit their website at www.understellasumbrella.com or call Stella at 888-502-8882.

Joe's Jeans

Jennifer Stender Hawkins, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce

Founded in 2001 by Creative Director Joe Dahan, Joe's redefines everyday style with its inherently LA sensibility and distinctive rock + roll point-of-view. With an emphasis on offering the perfect fit for everybody, the brand takes a revolutionary approach to denim and sophisticated classics, incorporating the very latest in technology to offer product that is beautiful, innovative, and fits flawlessly.

For additional information, visit their website at www.joesjeans.com or call Jennifer at 646-786-2214.


New AGM Merchandiser Members

Please welcome the following merchandisers who joined the professional ranks of the AGM this past month. For contact information on all of the AGM members, please visit the Members Only pages at www.agmgolf.org.

Daniel Bengtson

PGA Head Golf Professional, Cattail Creek Country Club - Glenwood, MD

Megan Bickel

Retail Merchandise Manager, Canoe Brook Country Club - Summit, NJ

Suzanne Bielat

Golf Shop Manager, Princess Anne Country Club - Virginia Beach, VA

Robert Bruns

PGA Associate Director of Education, Methodist University PGM Program - Fayetteville, NC

Erin Courrier

Merchandiser, Princess Anne Country Club - Virginia Beach, VA

Kyle Kirk

PGA Head Golf Professional, Pinewild CC of Pinehurst - Pinehurst, NC

Lucas Kristo

Golf Shop Manager, Desert Mountain Club - Scottsdale, AZ

Nick Maracle

CPGA Associate Golf Professional, Bigwin Island Golf Club - Baysville, ON, Canada

Brent Regis

PGA Head Golf Professional, Valley Lo Club - Glenview, IL

Candice Reilly

Merchandiser, Trinity Forest Golf Club - Dallas, TX

Evan Silkworth

PGA Head Golf Professional, Columbia Golf & Country Club - Claverack, NY

Sandra Weckerly

CMAA General Manager, The Golf Club at Redlands Mesa - Grand Junction, CO


Member News!

  • John Glorioso - PGA Head Golf Professional at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia received certification in Golf Operations by the PGA of America.
  • Karla Gruhn Reece - named Director of Lodging and Golf Shop Merchandiser at Cateechee Golf Club in Hartwell, Georgia. She previously worked as the Merchandiser/Buyer at Highlands CC with AGM member Ken Mattis.
  • Casey Sabinash - 2018 AGM Scholarship recipient accepted the position of Assistant Golf Professional at Green Bay Country Club in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Casey, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout, interned at Bandon Dunes in Bandon, Oregon with AGM member, Chad Turner.



The AGM eTailer is published monthly for the members of the Association of Golf Merchandisers. To submit news, articles and information for an upcoming edition of the eTailer - please contact us at (602) 604-8250 or click here.

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