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'Tis the Season to Plan for Holiday Retail

by Desane Blaney, AGM Executive Director

The all-important holiday shopping season is here and now is an opportune time to unwrap your best promotional offers and events. Although the Black Friday weekend, to include Cyber Monday, is widely-heralded as the official start of the holiday shopping season, the prevalence of early deals, both in-store and on-line, have enticed consumers with voracious appetites for deals to shop earlier.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) forecasts holiday sales will increase between 4.3 and 4.8 percent this year. And, in a recent survey they revealed this year's holiday shoppers rank "sales and price discounts, quality, selection of merchandise and free shipping as top factors in deciding where to shop this year."

As specialty retailers, AGM members compete in earnest with mainstream and on-line to capture the attention and, more importantly, the holiday spending dollars of their members and guests. Do so by planning strategically, by promoting your shop and your merchandise at every opportunity and through every channel at your disposal and execute it flawlessly.

In this issue of the AGM e-Tailer:

  • 2019 AGM Platinum Awards Update
  • Get Your Shop Holiday Ready
  • Holiday Promotions and Events
  • Nick Muller - PGA Merchandiser of the Year
  • Employment Opportunities from Member Facilities
  • Apparel Market Report
  • National Rounds Played & Key State Specifics
  • Golf Datatech Report
  • New Members
  • Member News


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AGM Platinum Awards Update

We appreciate the overwhelming response to the 2019 AGM Platinum Awards. An unprecedented number of entries from around the globe were received. Each facility representative was sent an e-mail confirmation of receipt of their entry and we plan to announce the winning facilities in mid-November.

Plans are underway to once again recognize and honor the winners with a dedicated program, the presentation of Platinum Award pins, lanyards and a photo opportunity. This program will take place on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at the close of the AGM Annual Retail Conference program in Orlando, Florida and precedes the Product Preview and Reception.


Get Your Shop Retail Ready for the Holidays

It's a busy time of the year and you'll want to make sure your shop is ready for the shopping season. Here's a few tips for your holiday preparation:

Inventory Gift Wrap / Order Fill-In's

  • Holiday wrapping paper - make sure you have a sufficient quantity and offer a few varieties
  • Tissue, seals, ribbons, bows, scotch tape
  • Gift boxes - shirt, sweater, accessory
  • Golf club boxes and golf-themed bags
  • Shipping boxes (FedEx) and mailing labels
  • Gift cards

Review Your Holiday Sales / Promotions:

  • Inventory analysis - identify any slow moving inventory that needs to be marked down to encourage sales; re-order any popular and fast moving items
  • Create sales promotions - publicize on social media, newsletter, signage throughout the facility
  • If your promotion includes Food/Beverage - meet with your F & B department to secure your Banquet Event Orders

Check Your Holiday Decorations

  • Discard any broken or dated items and buy new if the budget permits
  • If challenged by budget constraints, partner with a local florist to provide holiday items that will not only decorate the shop, but be offered for sale throughout the shop
  • Decorate by Thanksgiving!

Complimentary Gift Wrap Prep:

  • Pre-cut holiday paper for the most popular items such as shirt and sweater boxes
  • Pre-wrap boxed items such as golf balls and glassware

Stock up on Gift Cards

  • A recent survey by the National Retail Federation indicates over 60% of shoppers will be purchasing gift cards for family and friends
  • Be sure to offer them to your members and guests to be redeemed for golf apparel, equipment, fittings and lessons and offer them in a gift wrapped box


Holiday Retail Promotions and Events

Forest Akers Golf Courses, East Lansing, Michigan
Stephene Benkert and Cody Wilson
The holiday season is one of the most important times for our pro shop at Forest Akers. We're unique compared to the majority of northern clubs in that both of our shops are open during the off-season for the primary purpose of retail sales and that time period realizes some of our most profitable months. Over the years, we've worked diligently to develop a dedicated customer base that returns each year for quality and unique official collegiate licensed gifts.

To keep things fresh, offer a unique opportunity and build on the returning customer base, we adopted a new promotional idea. In partnership with our other retail stores on campus, we designed and introduced "Walter" - our holiday bear. Beginning with our Black Friday sale, holiday shoppers had the chance to receive Water for free with any purchase of $75 or more or to purchase him separately for $29.99. Partnering with multiple units on campus allowed us to order a larger quantity and obtain more favorable pricing. Factoring in the $9.95 cost per bear, we had an opportunity for great margin for a quality gift item and a unique offering for customers to reach a certain threshold while shopping.

To commemorate the year and to entice customers to return next year for a similar opportunity, "2017" was sewn into each bear. The promotion was met with great excitement, revenue increase by 17.5% and a new design has been ordered for 2018.

TPC Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Arizona
Brad Williams, Doug Hodge, Don Baldassare, Michelle Seman
In terms of golf rounds and merchandise sales, the month of December has been unusually slow as compared to other prime season months and it is a bit of a mystery considering the facility is host to a PGA Tour event in just over a month's time and it is in lush condition.

To kick-start both rounds and sales in December, the club decided to offer a deal to the public that was next to impossible to turn down. With the purchase of one $400 year-long TPC Pass, the customer would receive a complimentary foursome to play the Stadium Course during the month of December. Value: $1,000. The TPC Pass affords the customer and their guests the opportunity to play TPC Scottsdale for a heavily discounted rate 365 days from the date of purchase. Total rounds in December 2017 increased by 30% over the previous year. The 2,000 extra December customers patronized the shop which was primed for the holidays with lifestyle apparel, casual wear, gifts and logoed items such as t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. As a result, merchandise sales increased by 36%.

Mauna Lani, Kohala Coast, Hawaii
Stephanie Goff
Mauna Lani guests are golf enthusiasts who can enjoy almost 365 days of golf and sun. We want them to continue their experience in the retail shop whether a game of chance, putt for a discount or a special gift with purchase.

By analyzing our business with monthly inventories we can determine what promotions will best suit our needs while enhancing our guest's purchase and experience. Our inventory count revealed a large on-hand of headwear with more anticipated in the next month. As a result, we created a promotion named, "High Five for the Holidays." Guests could save $5.00 on each hat when they purchased two or more of any combination of men's or ladies.

With our average retail price of $45 per hat, we sold an average of 12 hats a day with a 15% increase over the prior year's sales and generated $15,500 in headwear for December. A win for the guest with a $10 savings and a win for the retail shop by selling almost 400 hats!

North Shore CC, Glenview, Illinois
Shaun McElroy and Suzan Schneider
We're a private club and although we are not located in a mountainous region, we decided to host a Ski Night Trunk Show in partnership with Kjus, world-renown for creativity, styling and seen on some of the best ski runs around the globe. We have a huge following for the brand among our members with many of them traveling to western states to ski; so we capitalized on this unique opportunity.

We publicized the Ski Night to the membership advising there was only a three-hour window to shop and purchase. Further, with the assistance of our local sales representative, we also were able to include their lifestyle collection which greatly appealed to the non-skier. The event generated $20,000 in sales and because of its success, we plan to grow and improve it this year by extending the hours of the show and by providing winter-themed cocktails and snacks.

Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst, North Carolina
Laura Robinson, Kathryn King, Chase Buczek
Heather Shaffer, Ryan Duckworth, Derek Noll
The Vault, a Pinehurst Resort retail location in southern Pines, was created to provide a brick and mortar location outside of the resort for locals and members to purchase Putter Boy merchandise. It also fills a niche market by being the only shop to carry men's dress apparel within the downtown area.

One of our biggest weekends of the year was Black Friday which was effectively advertised though our Instagram page where we promoted 25% off storewide and realized close to $10,000 in revenue. This event was followed by our 12 Days of Christmas sale where we offered a different brand daily. Announcements of the specials were posted through our Instagram page each evening and generated over $20,000 in revenue.

Facebook proved to be a great tool in generating buzz for our resort e-commerce site. One of our biggest accomplishments was our Cyber Monday Sale. We offered 25% off online and our post reached over 5,800 people with likes, comments and shares. During the sale, we had 7 of our Payne Stewart Statues ($80 price point) left in stock. We posted the amount remaining with a playful caption, "Get yours while you can!" and in minutes we sold 5 out of the 7.

Updating, expanding and increasing our social media presence has been a successful learning experience. Our social media presence will continue to directly impact retail sales. The resulting revenue from posts across both platforms shows that our utilization of social media is working.


Nick Muller - PGA Merchandiser of the Year

Congratulations are extended to AGM Board Member, Nick Muller, Director of Golf at the Country Club of Lincoln on being named PGA Merchandiser of the Year for private facilities by the PGA of America.

"I was born and raised a "Husker," grew up in the small town of Schuyler, Nebraska and graduated from the PGM program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln," he said. "I originally started out as an architecture major, but changed quickly as the love of golf and helping people had a stronger pull for me."

His career started as a seasonal assistant at Dakota Dunes in Sioux City, South Dakota in 2006 and he was elected to PGA membership in 2008. Next stops included Wichita CC where he worked with fellow AGM member, Cary Cozby then Kansas CC. In 2012 he accepted the position of Director of Golf at the Country Club of Lincoln. "I love telling the story that in the 11 months moving from Wichita to Kansas City to Lincoln, my wife and I had a total of 7 jobs, 3 mortgages, 2 rental properties and experienced the birth of our first child," he commented.

Mentoring is a top priority for Nick and he works with students at UNL PGM Program presenting merchandising and service seminars of which he is well-versed. In his tenure at the Country Club of Lincoln, the golf shop has recorded tremendous growth in apparel sales and tournament revenue. His promotions and retail initiatives are fresh, creative and profitable which have earned him and his staff recognition as a recipient of the AGM Platinum Award designation for the past five years.

In retrospect, Nick states that while 15 years may have passed after making the decision to pursue a golf career, he loves every minute of it. When not at the club executing his professional duties, he and his wife, Niki, enjoy spending time with their daughters, Alyvia and Brooklyn.


Employment Opportunities from Member Facilities and Vendor Partners

This continuing feature in the AGM newsletter highlights the posting of employment opportunities offered by member facilities and Vendor Partners. For detailed information about the postings, please refer to the AGM website, www.agmgolf.org and click on "job opportunities."

Merchandiser Positions:

  • BallenIsles CC, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Carmel CC, Charlotte, NC
  • Foxfire CC, Naples, FL, Manchester CC, New Bedford, NH
  • PGA Golf Club, Port St Lucie, FL, South Fork CC, Amagansett, NY
  • TPC Twin Cities, Blaine, MN, Wentworth by the Sea CC, Rye, NH

Sales Representatives:

  • 2-DG Apparel, All for Color, Anderson Ord Apparel,
  • Birdies and Bows, Black Clover, Callaway Soft Goods, Cracked Wheat, Devereux
  • Eyeking LLC, Gem-Dandy, Glenayr, Golf Design, Golfino, Jamie Sadock
  • JBA Awards, Jofit, Katherine Way, Kinona, Mayva K, Movetes
  • Oxford, QED Style, Scout Sports
  • Sport Haley, Town Talk, Vantage Apparel

AGM member clubs and Vendor Partners may post their employment opportunities on our website as a benefit of membership. There is no limit as to the number of times an opportunity is posted or updated during the year. Please contact us with your information at info@agmgolf.org


August 2018 Highlights - Apparel Market Report
On & Off-Course Facilities

by Golf Datatech

Men's Golf Apparel On-Course Off-Course
Men's Shirts - including long and short sleeve:    
Average Retail Price of shirts sold: $61.39 $42.15
Price Range: $0 - $49.99 29.7% 68.8%
Price Range: $50 - $74.99 45.8% 24.3%
$75 + 24.5% 6.9%
Men's Bottoms - including pants and shorts:    
Average Retail Price of bottoms sold: $58.78 $48.97
Price Range:$0 - $49.99 30.6% 57.5%
Price Range: $50 - $74.99 51.4% 28.8%
$75 + 18.0% 13.7%

Women's Golf Apparel On-Course Off-Course
Women's Shirts - including long and short sleeve:    
Average Retail Price of shirts sold: $52.92 $39.02
Price Range: $0 - $49.99 48.1% 76.3%
Price Range: $50 - $74.99 37.6% 17.1%
$75 + 14.3% 6.6%
Women's Bottoms - including shorts, skirts, pants and skorts:    
Average Retail Price of bottoms sold: $62.91 $49.01
Price Range:$0 - $49.99 35.2% 55.7%
Price Range: $50 - $74.99 38.7% 30.7%
$75 + 26.1% 13.6%

Golf Datatech offers monthly reports listing the top selling apparel companies at no charge to golf shops participating in the retail research. The reports cover men's and women's shirts, vests, sweaters, fleece, bottoms and five categories of outerwear. To find out more, contact Suzie Phillips, sphillips@golfdatatech.com or call 888-944-4116.


National Rounds Played Report & Key State Specifics

Rounds were DOWN-1.6% in August 2018 and DOWN-2.7% year-to-date as compared to August 2017.

Percentage Change in Rounds Played Volume
Regions of the Country August 2018 Year-to-Date
U.S. -1.6% -2.7%
Public -1.3% -2.5%
Private -3.2% -3.2%
Pacific 0.0% 4.4%
Mountain 4.9% 4.8%
West North Central -3.8% -4.6%
East North Central -4.2% -5.1%
South Central 6.5% -3.1%
South Atlantic 1.7% -5.0%
Mid-Atlantic -9.3% -8.2%
New England -6.5% -3.0%

Key State Specifics
Key State Specifics August 2018 YTD
Arizona 3.7% 5.4%
California 0.5% 4.5%
Colorado 6.3% -0.5%
Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland -5.6% -11.6%
Florida 5.1% -3.6%
Hawaii -30.3% -6.8%
New York -9.9% -6.3%
Nevada -4.4% 4.2%
Michigan 0.5% 0.0%
Kansas/Nebraska -5.3% -2.7%
Texas 14.8% -1.6%
Virginia -5.3% -7.4%
Washington -2.0% 9.6%
Ohio -5.4% -8.1%
Iowa/Missouri -5.5% -3.9%
South Carolina 2.4% -6.2%

The National Rounds Played Report and Key State Specifics are a joint effort of Golf Datatech and National Golf Foundation.


Golf Datatech Report

Total Units & Dollars
On & Off Course Shops Combined
Total Year to Date through August 2018
Compared to August 2017

Product Total Units Total Dollars Average Price
GOLF BALLS (000's Doz.) (000)'s Omitted Per Dozen
2017 10,195.02 $331,161 $32.48
2018 10,446.31 $340,793 $32.62
Percentage Change 2.5% 32.0% 0.4%
WOODS (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Club
2017 1,737.69 $415,355 $239.03
2018 1,658.15 $430,306 $259.51
Percentage Change -4.6% 3.6% 8.6%
IRONS (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Club
2017 3,646.58 $364,286 $99.90
2018 3,900.09 $428,651 $109.91
Percentage Change 7.0% 17.7% 10.0%
PUTTERS (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Putter
2017 497.66 $101,962 $204.88
2018 498.24 $100,860 $202.43
Percentage Change 0.1% -1.1% -1.2%
WEDGES (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Wedge
2017 742.12 $91,239 $122.94
2018 881.00 $108,106 $122.71
Percentage Change 18.7% 18.5% -0.2%
GOLF SHOES (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Pair
2017 2,029.05 $202,692 $100.03
2018 2,194.43 $219,884 $100.20
Percentage Change 8.2% 8.3% 0.2%
GLOVES (000's Doz.) (000)'s Omitted Per Glove
2017 629.95 $111,691 $14.78
2018 635.55 $114,168 $14.90
Percentage Change 1.4% 2.2% .08%
GOLF BAGS (000's Units) (000)'s Omitted Per Bag
2017 598.66 $96,424 $161.07
2018 619.87 $103,908 $167.63
Percentage Change 3.5% 7.8% 4.1%

For more detailed reports covering retail sales for golf products including apparel, contact Suzie Phillips at Golf Datatech, sphillips@golfdatatech.com or call 888-944-4116.


New AGM Vendor Partner Members

The following golf companies joined the AGM during this past month. Please support these new members as well as the many other AGM Vendor Partners. Click here or go to the Vendor Partners page to view all of the fine offers and services available for AGM members.

Idil Tarzi

Idil Tarzi, Creative Director

Golf & Apres golf designer chic.
Idil Tarzi is a feminine, stylish and sophisticated look for Ladies who enjoy a golf lifestyle either playing for long hours or enjoying the private club atmosphere. Offering shipments of total looks every 45 days throughout the year allows the merchandisers a fresh sales atmosphere of new styles or colors.
AGM Merchandisers are able to register as a corporate buyer online to access the collections with editorial notes, fabric informations, wholesale prices and fill a shopping bag and pay. The online also offers the Royal Tarzi Family History of Queen Sorayya and how the designer takes inspiration from her Royal Heritage.
Get corporately connected with Idil Tarzi online at www.idiltarzi.com .Select from designer's signature items of 'Pro Shop Specials'' which refer to Pro Shop buyers or ''Apres Golf Specials'' which refer to Resort&Spa Boutiques. Kindly contact the designer directly for further information via email idiltarzi@idiltarzi.com

For additional information, visit their website at www.idiltarzi.com

JL The Brand

Ian Hill, National Sales Consultant

The JL journey began in 2011 when a few friends had the vision to add style to one of life's everyday essentials. Socks that lasted over time were dull and boring while others sacrifice quality as a cheap thrill. Our idea became JL The Brand, a luxurious collection of American-made socks that will keep your feet looking and feeling as sharp as you.

For additional information, visit their website at www.jlthebrand.com


New AGM Merchandiser Members

Please welcome the following merchandisers who joined the professional ranks of the AGM this past month. For contact information on all of the AGM members, please visit the Members Only pages at www.agmgolf.org.

Brett Chaffey

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Jesse Crowe

PGA Golf Professional, The Lodge at Ventana Canyon - Tucson, AZ

Sean Fellows

PGA Assistant Golf Professional, Abenaqui Country Club - Rye Beach, NH

Vincent Formica

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Brian Gualtieri

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Gerard Hall

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Chris Kielp

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Cassie Nakagaki

Merchandise Manager, Loblolly - Hobe Sound, FL

Michael O'Brien

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Michelle Pastore

Retail Manager, GreatHorse Country Club - Hampden, MA

Zachary Pearson

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Alan Pickell

PGA Head Golf Professional, Panther Creek Country Club - Chatham, IL

Christina Roder

Golf Shop Manager, Beacon Hill Country Club - Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Brandon Thatcher

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Tim Trombley

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Mark Vicars

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ

Jessie Walker

General Manager, Three Eagles Golf Course - New Bern, NC

Xavier O. Young

Golf Academy of America - Chandler AZ


Member News!

  • Kelly DeVita - has been named the Senior Director of Retail for ClubCorp. Kelly has had extensive experience in the golf industry both on the buyer and vendor side of the business. Previous to accepting this position, she was the Director of Sales for Under Armour/Gear for Sports, National Director of Retail and Procurement for American Golf, Principal of Strategic Retail Solutions and Executive Director of Global Strategic Sourcing for Paramount Pictures.
  • Vickie McGarry - is the new Merchandise Manager at Shadow Wood CC in Bonita Springs, Florida. Vickie, an AGM member since 2003, was previously affiliated with West Bay.
  • Nathan Stith, PGA - was named the Golf General Manager at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. He previously held the position of Director of Golf at the property. Nathan, an AGM member since 2008 and a graduate of Methodist University, has worked within the Marriott Golf properties as well as the Ritz-Carlton.
  • Luke Williams, PGA - accepted the position of Assistant Golf Professional at La Gorce CC in Miami Beach, Florida. He was previously affiliated with Card Sound in Key Largo.



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