A Spotlight on PTE Golf’s Innovative Offerings with Matt Pollitt

PTE Golf has stood as a pillar in the golf retail realm since 2004, esteemed for their steadfast dedication to excellence and creativity. Their array of uniquely crafted products not only meet but surpass expectations, reflecting their unwavering commitment to innovation. Delve into their perspective as they share insights into elevating the retail experience, including their renowned embroidered table covers and imaginative wooden ball markers. 

AGM: What’s your most popular product, and why do you think it’s been so successful?

MP: The most popular product in our company overall is the embroidered table covers that replace skirting. They’re the original product we started the company with 20 years ago and have expanded annually. Our most popular retail item is our wooden ball markers. They’re incredibly unique, and we invented them! Made from three pieces of wood and a metal washer inside, each ball marker is handmade and can be logoed with a wooden retail display or individually personalized for events with player names.

AGM: How do you handle distribution and logistics for your products?

MP: When possible, we manufacture our products in-house to ensure smoother logistics and avoid waiting for out-of-stock overseas products. Additionally, we conduct all sales directly with our inside sales reps to ensure top-quality service.

AGM: How do you tailor your offerings for high-end golf retailers versus budget-friendly stores?

MP: Since 2004, PTE Golf has strived to provide the highest-quality products instead of offering different quality levels at different price points. Our originally designed products are superior to those of mass-produced items from overseas.

AGM: What do you wish more golf retailers knew about your brand or products?

MP: We want to inform golf retailers of our existence since we typically work with Golf Professionals or General Managers who may not specialize in merchandising. We also want them to know that all items are priced wholesale and ready for keystone pricing in your Professional Shop and that we’re ready to work with their buyer if they don’t handle it themselves.

AGM: How do you maintain a competitive edge in the golf market?

MP: We strive for creative innovation and aim to enhance our product line every year. If we identify any issues with our products, we either fix them before they are sold or discontinue them immediately. Additionally, we keep our offerings fresh and new by drawing inspiration from other industries and incorporating those ideas into the golf industry.

AGM: What feedback have you received from golfers that has influenced your product development?

MP: Many of our product designs resulted from industry problems. Professionals will reach out or mention during a conversation a frustration they are dealing with, and we see if we can come up with a product to solve the issue, as it’s likely industry-wide. We never have and never will sell gimmicks. The products should solve a real problem with an elegant solution.

AGM: How do you gather insights and feedback from the golfing community?

MP: Customer engagement at trade shows is a crucial part of our feedback gathering process. Our customers are candid and open about the products, things they like, don’t like, or features they wish existed. Then, we do our best to solve those issues and have the person who brought the problem to our attention as the product’s beta tester to provide additional feedback. Moreover, we have a board of advisors consisting of some of the top golf professionals in the country who provide input on most new products before we bring them to the industry.

AGM: What message would you like to leave with AGM members about your brand and products?

MP: PTE Golf has designed many original products that you’ll find nowhere else! Our products are customized with your club’s logo, personalized for a special event or individual guests, and are available in different colors with low or no minimum order requirements. We hope our low minimums will encourage you to try our retail products in your shop and see the increase in sales that we have observed across the industry in stores that carry PTE Golf items. If you have any requests, please reach out, and we will do our best to solve them or find a suitable solution for you!

PTE Golf is an unwavering beacon of quality in the golf retail sector. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every product, from iconic embroidered table covers to inventive wooden ball markers. For retailers seeking premium, original solutions, PTE Golf is the ultimate partner. To learn more about PTE Golf, please contact Matt Pollitt at