A Tale of Innovation with Precision Pro Golf

Discover the essence of innovation with Precision Pro Golf in this enlightening interview. Learn how their unwavering commitment to customer service and support, along with their latest breakthrough, the Titan Elite rangefinder, set them apart in the competitive market. Explore how Precision Pro Golf caters to golfers of all skill levels and adapts to changing consumer preferences, leaving a lasting impression of quality and dedication.

AGM: Can you share the story behind one of your best-selling golf products?

PP: The NX10 Slope is the first fully customizable rangefinder on the market. A premium quality unit that allows the user to effortlessly swap designs to match their personal style.  It’s crystal-clear optics and lightning-fast internals make getting your distance a breeze. Whether it’s one of the dozens of stock options, a custom course or tournament logo, or a special influencer edition, The NX10 is sure to grab your playing partner’s attention.

AGM: What sets you apart in a competitive market?

PP: Precision Pro has always strived to offer the best customer service and support. A full-time customer service team can help answer any questions and address any issues rapidly. A 3-year warranty on the NX10 series rangefinder and 1 year warranty on the Duo speaker is some of the best in the golf electronics space. PPG also offers our free battery replacement program. If the battery is getting low, the customer can simply go on our website and request a new one. 

AGM: What’s the next big thing for your brand?

PP: The next big thing from PPG is our new Titan Elite rangefinder launching this month! The Titan Elite is the most durable, technologically advanced, and accurate rangefinder we’ve made to date. It is 100% waterproof (IP67 rated) with a metal alloy shell. This GPS enabled laser will show front/middle/back readings, along with the flag distance, right in the eyepiece itself.  Unlike our NX10, the Titan will utilize a usb-c rechargeable battery. The battery lasts a staggering forty rounds if not connected to the app and about ten when the GPS is enabled.  When used in conjunction with the PPG app and my slope the Titan Elite is a gamechanger.

AGM: How do you ensure your products cater to golfers of all skill levels?

PP: Players of all skill levels will benefit from a reliable distance device. We offer a wide variety of laser rangefinders for precise distances +/- 1 yd accuracy or a free Precision Pro Golf App for the player that prefers to use GPS. The app will allow the player to track their stats, club distances and give hole overlays. Our Duo Speaker is perfect for the beginner and will offer hours of entertainment both on and off the course.

AGM: How do you adapt to changing consumer preferences in the golf industry?

PP: As the second biggest rangefinder company in golf, we stive to set ourselves apart by making cool and unique products. Gone are the days of all players’ gear looking the same. PPG offers the most personalized, eye-catching rangefinder on the market. PPG jumped at the opportunity to do the same unique personalization with our new duo speaker. Duo Speaker has allowed us to make custom logos for big events like member guests, at a significantly lower price point than a rangefinder. 

AGM: What message would you like to leave with AGM members about your brand and products?

PP: Precision Pro Golf is a US owned and operated company. For more information visit or email us directly  Keep us in mind for shop stock or your next big outing!