Appealing to the Senses: Cultivating a Pleasant Shop Atmosphere

Pro golf shop with open floorplan and neat displays

Vattanac Golf Resort, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

Written by Katelyn Madsen

Imagine this: You wake up one crisp Saturday morning, ready to tee up on your favorite course. After getting ready and grabbing your cup of coffee, you check in, greeted by a friendly face. However, the round doesn’t go as smoothly as you had hoped. Feeling discouraged, you go back to the pro shop to look around. As you step inside, you notice you feel a bit lighter. The shop smells faintly of clean linen, the colors are vibrant yet calming, and the displays are neat and curated. You start to feel more at peace. Why is that?

Crafting an appealing atmosphere is a crucial task for those in retail operations. It involves a combination of factors aimed at engaging customers and enhancing their overall shopping experience. This includes considering the full immersion of walking into your store. By appealing to the senses, you create a unique atmosphere that draws in customers and keeps them there.


When appealing to the senses in your storefront, sight plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. Comfortable lighting and creative, visually appealing displays are essential components of effective visual merchandising. Aim for natural or warm-white lighting in your shop to create an inviting atmosphere while displaying accurate colors. If your shop has the capacity to highlight featured items with lighting, design displays to take advantage of that. Creative, well-lit displays arranged in an organized manner not only draw attention but also communicate the quality, style, and value of the products being offered. By focusing on these visual elements, you create a welcoming environment that entices customers to explore, engage, and ultimately make a purchase.


Music is a powerful tool that can create an inviting, enjoyable experience in your shop if used correctly. Playing soft, pleasant music at a moderate volume can help set a relaxed ambiance without overpowering conversation, making customers feel comfortable and at ease. For example, classical music played at a medium volume is often associated with luxury and sophistication, subtly encouraging high-dollar sales by enhancing the perceived value of the products. Music can also influence the pace at which customers shop; slower tempos tend to encourage leisurely browsing, while more upbeat songs can energize and move customers. Overall, appealing to the sense of hearing through playing background music not only enhances the customer experience, but can also positively impact their purchasing decisions and overall satisfaction.


Pleasant scents create a welcoming and enjoyable environment, encouraging customers to linger longer in the store. Studies have shown that customer satisfaction scores can increase by an average of 20 percent when pleasant aromas are introduced. These scents keep customers engaged, encouraging them to explore more of what the store has to offer. Additionally, certain fragrances can uplift moods, reduce stress, and foster a positive emotional state, making customers more receptive to browsing and purchasing. Scents like citrus are often appreciated, as they are unisex, bright, and enjoyable. By carefully selecting and incorporating pleasant scents, you can transform your pro shop into a place where customers not only enjoy spending time, but also feel more inclined to make purchases.


Encouraging customers to have tactile interaction with the products in your shop can significantly enhance their shopping experience. When customers can touch and feel products, it increases their emotional connection to the items, which ultimately boosts the likelihood of them making a purchase. They also develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the product’s quality and features. Emphasizing hands-on displays in your shop may prove to be beneficial for sales, as touch fosters a sense of ownership and attachment, which is a powerful motivator for making a purchase.


In a retail environment, one of the few effective ways to engage the sense of taste is by offering food and beverage items in your shop. Selling snacks in your pro shop caters to the customer’s immediate and on-the-go needs. Snacks and beverages can provide a quick energy boost for golfers before or after their game, making your shop a convenient stop. It is also a quick and easy money-maker, as food and drinks tend to sell themselves. By incorporating these items, you enhance the overall customer experience and increase your shop’s profitability.


Captivate your customers by creating a shopping environment that appeals to their senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. You have the power to change a customer’s day for the better, so try applying these ideas in your pro shop and watch what happens! 

Stay tuned for more articles on these topics. 

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