Boost Father’s Day Sales with these 4 Tips

Wee Burn Country Club - Darien, CT

Written by Katelyn Madsen

Wee Burn Country Club, Darien, CT

Father’s Day offers a special opportunity for golf pro shops to honor fathers in a meaningful way. By tailoring strategies to enhance the shopping experience for dads, you can simultaneously honor and give back to them while driving sales. This article will explore four methods to ensure that your pro shop shows appreciation for dads while maximizing revenue.

Father’s Day Gift Packages:

Simplify the gift-buying process by creating exclusive gift packages tailored to fathers’ interests and needs. Assemble bundles featuring premium golf items such as branded golf balls, high-quality gloves, and essential accessories, all aimed at delighting dads. If you want to add a bit of competitive fun for those who may want to buy the bundles for themselves, create bundles featuring 2 different brands and challenge your customers to see which can sell out first. By providing these curated packages, you make gift-buying easier, give special consideration to fathers, and push products quickly.

Father’s Day Themed Displays:

As soon as customers come into the shop, greet them with displays that celebrate fathers and their contributions. Use this space to showcase top gift ideas, new arrivals, golf-themed decorations, and signs that are directed towards dads. Try not to overly showcase products that are subjective or personal to the customer, such as golf clubs, as the focus should be on items that are more widely appreciated, such as shirts and watches. By curating these displays thoughtfully, you not only honor dads, but also drive sales by highlighting products that may resonate with them.

Father's Day display from Baltusrol, Springfield NJ, 2022

Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield NJ

Free Gift Wrapping:

Extend a heartfelt gesture to fathers by offering complimentary gift wrapping for all Father’s Day purchases. Establish a dedicated gift-wrapping station stocked with shopping bags and tissue paper (extra points if either/both of those are branded), to provide customers with a convenient and elegant touch to their purchases. By offering this service, you not only honor dads, but also simplify the gift-giving process for the buyer.

Boca West Country Club, Boca Raton FL

Father-Son/Daughter Promotions:

Celebrate the bonds between fathers and their children by launching promotions that celebrate them. Whether that is by offering discounts on matching apparel sets or creating special deals for dual purchases, these promotions emphasize the importance of family while making shopping more enjoyable and affordable. By highlighting these offers, you not only honor dads and foster connections within families, but you also station your shop as being family-oriented and communal. This helps build a loyal customer base, as people are more likely to support businesses that align with their values and prioritize family.


By prioritizing the needs and preferences of fathers, your pro shop can create a truly memorable and meaningful experience for them during Father’s Day. From themed displays to exclusive gift packages, family-focused promotions, and complimentary gift wrapping, every aspect of the shopping journey is designed to honor fathers while simultaneously boosting revenue. As dads feel appreciated and celebrated, they are more likely to return and continue supporting your shop, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that extends well beyond Father’s Day.

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