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Maximizing Markdowns: Leveraging Online Channels

When handling markdowns, it’s crucial to find creative ways to reach a wide range of customers. One idea is to use your online store to sell discounted items and appeal to a different audience of shoppers.

Boost Father’s Day Sales with these 4 Tips

Wee Burn Country Club - Darien, CT

Honor fathers and while simultaneously driving sales by implementing these 4 tips in your golf pro shop this Father’s Day.

Appealing to the Senses: Cultivating a Pleasant Shop Atmosphere

Pro golf shop with open floorplan and neat displays

Captivate your customers by creating a shopping environment that appeals to their senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Top 10 Practices for New Brands Entering the Golf Retail Market

Top 10 Practices for New Brands Entering the Golf Retail Market

Especially in a niche market such as golf retail, instituting yourself as a foundational leader in this industry is important. Amidst so much quantity, new and emerging brands need to establish themselves as high quality options. This provides a foundation of trust, security, and desirability for consumers.

Power of Product Knowledge and Market Awareness in the Golf Industry

Retailers must have a deep knowledge of their products, be understanding of their audience’s needs and preferences, and be aware of competition.

Empowering Interns: Optimizing Golf Shop Operations Through Inventory Ownership

written by Justine Gray Golf retailers are always on the hunt for practices and procedures to best optimize their golf shop operations and inventory management. Strategically assigning count and fill […]

Revolutionizing Golf Retail: Insights from Brian Morrison, PGA, on Golf Genius Solutions

In this interview, Brian Morrison, PGA, brings over 40 years of golf industry experience to shed light on Golf Genius, emphasizing its solutions-driven approach to revolutionizing golf retail management. From […]

Maximizing Retail Success: Tracking Markdowns for Informed Buying Strategies

By: Justine Gray Markdowns play a crucial role in the retail product lifecycle and tracking them is essential for informing future buying decisions. By keeping a close eye on the […]

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