NGSA, AGM, and RepSpark Launch Certified Golf Sales Representative Program

The National Golf Sales Representative Association (NGSA), the Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) and RepSpark have partnered together to create the first ever Certified Golf Sales Representative Program. This comprehensive online course is specifically designed to empower golf sales representatives with the skills and knowledge needed to enhance relationships with retailers, effectively represent golf brands, and help sales reps achieve their sales targets.

The Certified Golf Sales Representative Program is a six-part online course designed to be completed at your own pace. Studies cover a wide range of essential topics, including strategic social media and email marketing, relationship building with clients, sales mastery techniques, AI understanding and usage, event sales strategies, buyer insights, and retail strategies. Not only will sales reps gain industry-specific skills and ongoing learning resources, but they will also gain access to networking opportunities with industry professionals.

“This program is a game-changer for golf sales representatives,” said CEO of AGM, Jennifer Morton. “By equipping them with the latest industry-specific skills and knowledge, we are setting them up for long-term success in a competitive market. We are excited to partner with NGSA and RepSpark to bring this valuable resource to our community.”

Key benefits of the program include professional credibility, industry-specific skills, flexible learning, networking opportunities, and continuous development.

The President of NGSA, Phil Immordino, shared “After 5 years in the vision column, the ‘Certified Golf Rep Program’ (CGSR), has arrived. The program offers Golf Sales Reps and potential Golf Sales Reps the industry knowledge and skills required to serve customers and clients effectively and with integrity. Suppliers and Vendors are excited to put their Reps through the Program as well as have confidence when hiring a Certified Golf Sales Rep. The partnership with the AGM and RepSpark has been invaluable, adding knowledge, expertise and professionalism. We are excited to assist Reps in their careers, as we watch the industry continue to grow.” 

Participants who successfully complete the course will earn the title of Certified Golf Sales Representative designation, along with a LinkedIn badge to showcase their expertise. The program also supports golf brands in onboarding and equipping their sales teams for success.

CEO and Founder of RepSpark, Meghann Butcher, shared “The golf industry is unique, with relationships at its core, making sales reps essential for success. With over 150 golf brands on RepSpark, our mission is to ensure our customers’ success, starting with the reps who build relationships, partner to build better brand awareness and drive the industry forward. We are honored to partner with AGM and NGSA to provide our brands with the knowledge they need to grow and empower their sales teams.”

The certification investment is $399, with an annual renewal fee of $99. AGM members and RepSpark brands qualify for discounted rates of $299. Group discounts are also available, ranging from $250 (for 10-20 participants) to custom rates for larger groups. PGA Professionals can earn 12 education credits for completing the certification and receive one credit for attending the official kick-off breakfast in Frisco.

Join us for the official Certified Golf Sales Representative Program kick-off networking breakfast on Monday, July 29, at 8 AM in the Marshall Room before the PGA Buying and Education Summit in Frisco, TX begins. This event will include an introductory seminar and the opportunity to network and connect with fellow industry professionals and program instructors. To RSVP for this event, please click here.

Ready to elevate your career in golf sales? This program is designed to equip you with the expertise and resources needed to excel in this dynamic and unique industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your professional journey to new heights. To learn more about the program and proceed with purchasing the course and certification, please visit

To join a merchandiser community and gain weekly educational opportunities and resources, sign up to become a member of the AGM.

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