Empowering Women in Golf: GGP Women Helps Lead the Charge

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Written by Katelyn Madsen

In the vast world of golf journalism, one publication is setting itself apart. As an extension of the acclaimed Global Golf Post, GGP Women fills a void in golf journalism by shining a spotlight on the often-overlooked stories of women in golf. 

Recognized by the United States Golf Association as the “gold standard in golf journalism,” Global Golf Post leads the charge in telling the best, most pressing stories in a compelling fashion. This mindset of journalistic excellence is what led founder Jim Nugent to create GGP Women.

Jim Nugent, Founder and Publisher of GGP Women
Jim Nugent, Founder and Publisher of GGP Women

The idea for the publication stemmed from an astute observation by Nugent’s wife: women’s golf wasn’t receiving the coverage it deserved. As a new golfer herself, she became aware of this immense deficiency and told her husband “you guys [GGP] don’t cover women’s golf as well as I think you should.” Nugent took this on as a challenge. He paid closer attention to Global Golf Post and found that his wife was indeed right in her observations. However, upon further reflection, Nugent realized the issue extended beyond his publication; the entire golf industry was failing to tell the stories of the countless women who play and care about the game.

“It’s our belief – and we did a lot of homework on this when we were preparing to launch it – that the women’s game in the United States isn’t underserved by golf media; it’s generally ignored by golf media,” said Nugent. He saw the need and took it upon himself to create a new platform to elevate women’s golf in journalism. “GGP Women is our effort to promote, celebrate, and champion the women’s game in America.” For nearly 15 months, this publication has shone a spotlight on women who play the game, work in the industry, volunteer, and invest their time and treasure into golf. “We want to celebrate those kinds of women and just tell the best stories about women’s golf in America,” Nugent emphasized. “There’s so many wonderful stories that haven’t been told.”

GGP Women offers a unique blend of captivating stories and practical information. From in-depth profiles of inspiring women in the industry, to spotlights on women’s apparel brands, the publication provides a comprehensive view of the female golf experience. This not only enriches the lives of readers but also offers valuable insights for golf merchandisers, who can discover new brands and trends through their services.

The success of GGP Women speaks for itself. With overwhelmingly positive feedback and a growing readership, it’s clear that this platform has struck a chord with female golfers and industry professionals alike, bringing further excellence to golf journalism by sharing untold, compelling stories. To learn more about GGP Women and its offerings, visit GGPWomen – Global Golf Post. GGP Women is a subscription-based publication that can be accessed through its website here. AGM members receive a free subscription to GGP Women with their membership. 

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