Enhanced Experience: The Power of an Apparel Fit Guide in your Pro Shop

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Written by Justine Gray

For golf merchandisers, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount. From selecting the right apparel to providing expert guidance, every aspect of the shopping experience matters. One tool that can greatly enhance this experience is an apparel fitting guide, particularly for men’s and ladies’ golf shirts.

A shirt fit guide serves as a valuable resource for both customers and staff. By offering detailed information on sizing and fit across different brands, it empowers customers make informed decisions and find garments that suit their preferences. From chest width to sleeve length, the guide can provide essential measurements that can guide customers towards the perfect fit. Regardless of whether a customer leans towards a tailored fit or a more relaxed silhouette, the guide offers invaluable insights into how each brand’s sizing and fit stack up.

Apparel Fit Guide- men's polos
Baltusrol Golf Club

Implementing a shirt fit guide in your golf shop is a simple and cost-effective way to improve customer satisfaction. Placing a laminated copy at the front counter, staff members can easily reference it when assisting customers, ensuring that they receive accurate and helpful guidance during their shopping experience. Your shirt fit guide also serves as great fodder for your social media channels, club newsletter, and marketing emails. If you have an online store, this is another great place to showcase the fitting guide to help customers shopping online make sizing decisions.

Consider having members of your staff act as your fit models. Integrating your staff members adds an authentic and relatable dimension. Your staff can provide a familiar point of reference for your customers, who often have a rapport with members of the staff, knowing them by name and familiar with their physique. Leveraging this familiarity, staff members can become living models for the fit guide, enhancing its relevance and impact. This personal touch not only instills confidence in the customer’s decision but also fosters a sense of trust and rapport between the customer and the staff.


In conclusion, a shirt fit guide is a powerful tool that can enhance the customer experience in golf shops. By offering valuable information on sizing and fit, it helps customers make informed decisions and find garments that make them look and feel their best on the course. Implementing a shirt fit guide is a simple yet effective way to improve customer satisfaction and showcase your commitment to excellence in merchandising and attention to detail. Ultimately, a personalized shirt fit guide isn’t just about finding the right size—it’s about delivering exceptional customer service that leaves a lasting impression.

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