Revolutionizing Golf Retail: Insights from Brian Morrison, PGA, on Golf Genius Solutions

In this interview, Brian Morrison, PGA, brings over 40 years of golf industry experience to shed light on Golf Genius, emphasizing its solutions-driven approach to revolutionizing golf retail management. From fostering innovation to gathering feedback, Brian outlines how Golf Genius stays ahead in a competitive market. Join us as Brian underscores the importance of embracing modern solutions like Golf Genius Golf Shop to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience in your retail shop.

AGM: What do you wish more golf retailers knew about Golf Genius?

BM: That we are a solutions-based company that designs products that make golf retailers operations significantly more efficient and profitable. People are creatures of habit and can be hesitant to try something new, but if they give a product like Golf Shop an opportunity to be an operating system in their golf shop they will never go back to the 3-ring binder. It is the future for how Professionals will operate their Golf Shops.

AGM: How do you foster a culture of innovation within your company?

BM: Golf Genius founder Mike Zisman has taught all of us that as a software company, you never stand still. We get constant feedback from our customers. We use that and the experience of our staff to create the best products possible to solve the common problems golf professionals face. We are always updating, improving, and looking for ways to be better. We have 235 employees and 90 are software engineers and 70+ are PGA Professionals so we are in constant motion using the experience of our PGA Professionals and the expertise of our engineers. Software is a very competitive industry. We can’t stand still or someone will pass by.

AGM: How do you gather insights and feedback from the golfing community?

BM: There are several ways we connect with the industry for insights and feedback. Our sales and account management teams are in constant contact with governing bodies, AGAs, and golf professionals. Our support team fields inquiries and helps customers 24/7/365. In addition, Golf Genius sponsors and participates in AGM and PGA Magazine seminars around the country throughout the year. We can speak one-on-one with Golf Professionals at various events about their usage of our products and suggestions they might have for improvements or new features. We take input from all of these touchpoints and use that feedback and learning to enhance our products to deliver the solutions golf professionals and the industry want and need.

AGM: How do you support golf education and training through your products?

BM: We are providing training opportunities for PGA PGM programs so that young professionals know about our products and their value to a golf operation before they get their first job as a professional. We also have a Customer Success Team that provides Basic and Advanced Feature training on our Golf Shop product to give our new customers a head start on how to successfully use the product in their retail operations. We also offer training on an ongoing basis with our Success Team constantly surveying the usage of our customers and offering help in any capacity if they need it. We don’t sell the customer the software and then leave them behind to figure out how to use it. We are with them for their entire journey with a Golf Genius product.

AGM: What strategies do you use to retain long-term relationships with golf retailers?

BM: Our Customer Success Team makes a point to continually call our clients to thank them for their use of our products and to solicit feedback on how they think we can improve our products. Our customers know that we are a company of constant improvement and they enjoy giving us feedback because they know that we value it. Golf Genius employs 80 PGA Professionals so we have walked in the shoes of our customers and we know how much we appreciated working with companies that were as interested in building a relationship as they were in selling a product. Customer retention is one of the cornerstones of our company.

AGM: Can you share a piece of advice for golf retailers looking to thrive in today’s market?

BM: Don’t get stuck in the past. There are products like Golf Genius Golf Shop that can make you and your staff more efficient, more profitable, and help provide a more positive experience for customers and members, ultimately raising customer service levels. Great customer service is a way to create loyalty with your members and their trust in you and your staff. This engenders repeat business which is the lifeblood of your Golf Shop’s profitability.

AGM: What message would you like to leave with AGM members about your brand and products?

BM: Give us a try. We are dedicated to helping deliver exceptional experiences to the industry, the professional, and the golfer. Our suite of solution-based products focus on three areas that industry professionals need, tournament and event management, retail management, and coaching and instruction. All of these tools can improve the day-to-day operation of your facility, shop and member interaction helping build the trust and loyalty of your customers.

AGM members are encouraged to explore Golf Genius’s suite of products dedicated to elevating industry standards and fostering exceptional experiences. As an AGM Vendor Partner, Golf Genius stands committed to supporting retailers in maximizing operational efficiency and delivering unparalleled service to members and customers. Golf Genius’s innovative solutions provide a valuable resource for buyers and merchandisers to navigate the evolving landscape of golf retail with confidence and success. To learn more about Golf Genius or to schedule a demo, please contact their team here.