Star-Spangled Sales: Guide to 4th of July Displays

Beechmont CC Patriotic Display

Written by Katelyn Madsen

Independence Day isn’t just about barbecues and fireworks; it’s about honoring and remembering those who have served and celebrating the freedom we have with the ones we love. For merchandisers, it’s also a prime opportunity to showcase your shop’s patriotic flair and boost sales with festive displays.

Dazzling Displays

  • Spangled Showcase

    Arrange merchandise in eye-catching displays featuring stars, stripes, and patriotic motifs. Highlight your top-selling red, white, and blue apparel items, along with other products in patriotic colors and patterns.

Gold Canyon Golf - Patriotic Display
  • Think outside of the box!

    Don’t just display colored and patterned merchandise— create a story with unique and interesting display pieces that complement the merchandise. If you have the time and availability to create your own props, try arranging colored golf balls or tees into the shape of an American flag or use old colored golf gloves to create a festive wreath for your impact table.

Patriotic Display Idea for Merchandisers
PGA Golf Club - Patriotic Display
  • Versatility

    The beauty of patriotic décor is its versatility. Beyond the Fourth of July, decor can be repurposed to celebrate Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and even international sporting events like the Olympics, Ryder Cup, President’s Cup, and Solheim Cup.


  • It doesn’t have to be pricey

    Go to your local dollar or thrift store to find inexpensive and unique props and decor items to complement your merchandise. Items like decorative signs, bunting, and balloons can be perfect additions to your shop.

Kenwood Country Club - Patriotic Display
4th of July Display
  • Remember

    Accessories such as glassware and tumblers should not be forgotten in displays, as they make easy host/hostess gifts. 

Celebratory Additions:

Promotions That Spark Excitement

If you are looking to include themed sales and promotions in your shop’s celebration, here are a couple of ideas.

  • Stars and Stripes Savings: Offer special discounts on patriotic merchandise or create themed bundles to attract customers looking to celebrate in style. 
  • Firecracker Flash Sale: Create excitement and urgency with a limited-time sale offering surprise deals on select merchandise throughout the week of the 4th of July.

The Finishing Touch

  • Patriotic Playlist: Complete the festive atmosphere with a playlist of classic American tunes. As explained in a separate article, make sure to keep the sound at a medium to low volume and be discerning about what songs are played.



By incorporating these elements, you can ignite your pro shop’s 4th of July spirit and create an engaging and memorable shopping experience for your customers.

If you implement any of these ideas in your pro shop, we’d love to hear about it at For more display ideas, visit our virtual merchandiser gallery.

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