Turning Back the Tee Time: The Vintage Revolution at Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop

Written by: Heather Hadley and Ken Morton, Jr.

Unearthing Golf’s Golden Era: Haggin Oaks’ Vintage Treasure Trove

In the heart of the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop, an unexpected treasure trove beckons golf enthusiasts that’s much different from what they’re going to find at other stores. Here, amidst the latest golfing gear and apparel, lies a unique department dedicated to antique and vintage goods, a concept inspired partially by the legendary In Celebration of Golf Store in Scottsdale, Arizona- to this day, still the coolest shopping experience any golf junkie could ever find. Roger bought and sold antique and vintage golf collectibles and the golf fan could literally spend hours in there finding new discoveries.. Known for its unparalleled collection of golf memorabilia, Roger Maxwell’s store was a pilgrimage site for golf aficionados, offering an immersive experience that really hasn’t had a parallel.

The inception of this distinctive venture at our store began with the arrival of Heather Hadley, our apparel buyer with a penchant for the past. Heather, already a seasoned vintage collector through her involvement with Scout Living, a local antique store, brought more than just her expertise in apparel; she brought a vision. This shared passion between Heather and the Haggin Oaks team ignited the birth of our vintage department, turning a love for the history of golf into a tangible reality for our customers.

Our journey into the vintage market is fueled by relentless treasure hunts across various platforms—thrift stores, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, antique stores, and niche Facebook groups. This quest for nostalgia has unearthed a plethora of treasures: comic books featuring golfing scenes, vintage golf LPs, classic golf headcovers, old golf books and board games, and even themed glassware. Each item, a piece of history, connects us to the golden days of golf.

Among the glittering array of finds, our collection of jackets and pullovers, emblazoned with logos from Major Championships of yesteryears, stands out. A classic Duckster jacket with a 1987 Olympic Club US Open jacket still has an audience. The apparel and items on the antique table are always a conversation piece with the staff and it really helps separate our shopping experience from anything that they could find elsewhere. It really is a differentiator. The charm of vintage is undeniable, and these jackets, priced between $30 to $100, have found their audience, contributing significantly to our sales.

In the last year alone, the vintage department at Haggin Oaks has remarkably generated almost $10,000 in sales from vintage goods, with nearly 200 jackets finding new homes. This success is a testament to the growing allure of vintage and the nostalgia it brings. More than just transactions, these sales are exchanges of stories and memories, connecting different generations of golf lovers.

The presence of these vintage items has transformed the shopping experience at Haggin Oaks. Each piece on display is not just merchandise but a conversation starter, a bridge between the past and present. This unique offering differentiates us from other golf shops, providing our customers with an experience that is as much about exploration as it is about shopping. Our vintage department does more than sell; it invites our customers into a journey through time, where every item has a story waiting to be discovered.

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