Unveiling the Future of Golf Retail: Meet Our Keynote Speaker, Phil Mershon

The 2024 AGM Retail Conference is fast approaching, and it’s poised to be an unforgettable event for anyone involved in the golf retail industry. This one-day conference, scheduled for January 23, 2024, promises to deliver expert-driven insights, cutting-edge strategies, and transformative practices that will redefine success for golf retail professionals. The conference will kick-off with a truly exceptional opening keynote speaker, Phil Mershon.

Phil Mershon, the Director of Experience for Social Media Examiner, is no stranger to creating memorable moments and transformational experiences. With over 25 years of experience in designing customized events, he has been at the forefront of shaping the Social Media Marketing World experience for more than a decade. Phil’s expertise in event design and his passion for crafting unforgettable experiences make him the perfect choice to kick off the AGM Retail Conference.

But Phil’s talents don’t stop at event design and marketing. He’s also a jazz saxophonist, showcasing his creativity and artistry in a different form. If that’s not intriguing enough, he’s a dedicated pickleball enthusiast and the author of “Unforgettable: The Art and Science of Creating Memorable Experiences.” His diverse interests and accomplishments highlight his ability to bring a unique perspective to the conference, ensuring that his keynote will be nothing short of unforgettable.

What to Expect from Phil Mershon’s Keynote

As the opening keynote speaker, Phil will set the tone for the AGM Retail Conference by sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience in event design, marketing, and creating memorable experiences. His insights will undoubtedly inspire and equip attendees with the tools to take their golf shops to new horizons.

Moreover, Phil’s passion for crafting memorable moments will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, providing attendees with actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately in their retail businesses. His innovative thinking and transformative approach will encourage everyone to think differently about success in golf retail.

Join Us at the 2024 AGM Retail Conference

The 2024 AGM Retail Conference is not just an event; it’s your career’s next leap. With industry pioneers like Phil Mershon leading the way, this conference promises to elevate your retail prowess and drive your golf shop to new heights. Together, let’s redefine success in the golf retail industry.

Don’t miss the chance to hear from Phil Mershon and other industry leaders at the AGM Retail Conference on January 23, 2024. This is an opportunity to gain invaluable insights, network with fellow professionals, and shape the future of golf retail. Be part of this transformative experience – register today and take that leap into the future of golf retail with us.

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