Join us as we empower sales representatives in the golf industry

The Certified Golf Sales Representative Program is an online certification program for sales representatives to complete at their own pace. Covering essential topics, from leveraging advanced tools like RepSpark and AI to mastering social media and crafting profitable assortments, the program provides a holistic education to newcomers getting started in the golf industry and veteran sales professionals looking to refine their craft.

Curriculum Highlights

Strategic Social Media and Email Marketing

Learn to elevate your business through effective use of social media platforms and harness the power of Chat GPT for crafting compelling sales-driven content.

Technology Hacks for Sales Mastery

Become a power user of modern sales tools to maximize efficiency and drive growth in a competitive market.

Event Sales

Gain insights into specialized sales techniques for events such as demo days and trunk shows, ensuring success in diverse retail environments.

Relationship Building

Develop robust client relationships, transitioning from transactions to enduring partnerships for long-term success.

Buyer Insights and Retail Strategies

Understand buyer preferences, master essential retail mathematics, and navigate common buyer objections effectively.

Streamlined Sales Processes

Unlock strategies to augment sales productivity, bolster business performance and explore best practices across business phases.


Empower your sales future!

Begin the program at any time at your own pace


Benefits of Certification

Professional Credibility: Earn a certification and LinkedIn badge to showcase your expertise

Industry-Specific Skills: Acquire tailored knowledge and strategies for excelling in golf sales

Flexible Learning: Complete the course at your own pace, accommodating your schedule

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals during our live sessions

Continuous Development: Access annual renewal options and ongoing learning resources


For PGA Professionals

PGA Members receive PDR credits for completion of each educational course in the Certified Golf Sales Representative Program. Each individual class will receive 2 PDR credits. (It is possible to receive 12 PDR credits for completing the core program). 


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