The Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) proudly recognizes the accomplished individuals who have successfully graduated from its esteemed Certified Retail Manager (CRM) Program, marking a significant milestone in their professional development within the golf industry. The CRM Program, renowned for its comprehensive Retail Strategies curriculum and industry-specific focus, has seen a cohort of dedicated professionals complete the program since 2020. These graduates have demonstrated exceptional commitment and expertise, positioning themselves as leaders in golf retail management.

2023 AGM CRM Graduates: 

Juliana Aiello
Jenn Angone
Philip Arrowsmith
Megan Ashley
Jennifer Aumsbaugh
Gina Bamberger
Aimee Bernardi Messner
Christy Cato
Katherine Cox
Kristen Everard
Justine Gray
Stephanie Grisi
Aimee Kruck
Penny Ling
Samantha Lodigiani
Vikki Mackovich Burmeister
Eric Mitchell
Valerie Osborn
MacKenzy Perkins
Karla Reese
Anna Ricket
Jennifer Roddy
Suzan Schneider
Riley Sherwood
Jennifer Taylor
Anita Warren
Whitney Wright

2022 AGM CRM Graduates:

Kathryn Alter
Deb Austin
Eva Bebeau
Tammy Beckman
Christine Berman
Tyson Boylan
Patrick Casey
Cindy Doherty
Kayla Finnin
Jody Fleming
Lauren Gill
Lindsie Graham
Heather Hadley
Ellen Harris
Ashley Hayes
Jordyn Hoar
Natalie Knopp
Haley Pickering
Ashley Petersen
Bart Romano
Korrinn Serio
Debbie Shatzer
Jonathan Stuart
Bridgett Wolff

2021 AGM CRM Graduates:

Wendy Cash
Jacinta Courter
Tracy Edgemon
Jodi Gascoigne
Erin McKenna
Jennifer Morton
Ken Morton, Jr.

2020 AGM CRM Graduates:

Katie Camp