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AGM Upcoming Education Programs

Each week, the AGM hosts an educational webinar for its membership.  Topics cover many topics including visual merchandising, marketing & promotion, management best practices, leadership skills, and much more.

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Regional Shows Calendar

AGM Members have access to the AGM’s annual list of national and regional golf shows.  With over 60 shows annually, this list offers buyers and vendors contact information and dates to important shows going on throughout the year.

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AGM Special Events

July 29 – PGA Buying Summit – Frisco, TX
A Virtual Tour of AGM’s 2024 Platinum Award Winners

Join us for an enlightening session where you can explore the pinnacle of golf shop retailing. This program offers a unique opportunity to witness the best practices in customer engagement, promotion techniques, and merchandising, directly from the industry’s top performers. This program features a virtual tour of award-winning shops, an in-depth panel discussion with Platinum Award winners, and an interactive Q&A segment to provide actionable insights for enhancing your own retail operations.  LEARN MORE

September 25 – Mizner Country Club
AGM Regional Meetup

Join us, AGM, PGA, and LPGA members, for an afternoon of valuable insights, expert advice, and innovative solutions.  Don’t miss this great afternoon of education by Tracy Moffatt and roundtable discussions led by Alecia Lane.  Sign-up information coming soon.

Online Networking 

Retailer Roundup
First Friday of Every Month

Join us in cultivating a vibrant conversation where connections are fostered, knowledge is shared, and inspiration abounds. Designed exclusively for AGM members, these retailer roundups offer a platform for casual yet insightful chats, creating opportunities to deepen networking within our esteemed community.

Through these engaging discussions, we aim to ignite creativity, spark new ideas, and delve into thought-provoking topics that matter. Join us at the table, and let’s fuel innovation together at AGM Retailer Roundup 2024!  AGM Members can JOIN HERE

AGM Annual Retail Conference

Step into the future of golf retail with the annual AGM retail conference. Harness expert-driven insights, embrace cutting-edge strategies, and delve into transformative practices. Beyond an event, it’s your career’s next leap. With industry pioneers leading the way, elevate your retail prowess and drive your golf shop to new horizons. 

Retail Conference Information


The annual retail conference takes place in Orlando, FL right before the start of the PGA Show. It is a day of learning, networking, excitement, and sharing. 

PGA Members will receive PGA Required credits for attending the AGM Retail Conference.

Certified Retail Manager Program

The Future is Now

The Association of Golf Merchandiser’s Certified Retail Manager Program takes you through the steps to becoming a successful and profitable buyer. In this program, you will learn buying strategies, allowing you to:

  • ADDRESS critical strategy questions such as: 
    • How to plan your merchandise mix 
    •  How to calculate inventory levels 
    • How to buy with a focus on profitability 
    • How to incorporate technology in your business 
  • EXPLORE the basic fundamentals of how to run a retail golf shop 
  • LEARN the importance of creating, reading, and utilizing an Open-to-Buy and the importance of increasing turn rates and revenue dollars in your organization 
  • DISCOVER how to avoid some of the industry’s most common buying pitfalls, how to buy for your store using a proven model of success, and how to quickly learn from experience

LEARN MORE about the Certified Retail Manager Program

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Certified Golf Sales Representative Program


The Certified Golf Sales Representative Program is an online certification program for sales representatives to complete at their own pace. Covering essential topics, from leveraging advanced tools like RepSpark and AI to mastering social media and crafting profitable assortments, the program provides a holistic education to newcomers getting started in the golf industry and veteran sales professionals looking to refine their craft.

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Join us as we empower sales representatives for success in the golf industry

2024 Scholarship Fund

The Association of Golf Merchandisers is dedicated to the future of the golf merchandising industry and annually offers scholarships to students who wish to pursue a career in golf merchandising and who have verifiable work experience in the field.

The AGM Scholarship Fund will award scholarships for the academic year 2024-25 based on the availability of funds and merit of applications. Scholarship awards will be made at the recommendation of the AGM Scholarship Fund Committee and approved by the AGM Board of Directors. The scholarship award will be made directly to the college, university, or technical institute.

Download the eligibility criteria PDF to learn more about the scholarship.

Visit Scholarship Homepage Download Eligibility Criteria PDF Download Application Form

2024 Platinum Award winners

The AGM Platinum Awards recognizes the top 100+ public, private, resort, and off-course golf shops in the world. These award-winning facilities excel in the areas of merchandising, promotions, shop renovation, customer service, social media, staff training, and growing the game. In 2024, each of the AGM Platinum Award winners implemented sound initiatives to maintain and enhance their retail operations. Those whose names appear below should consider themselves among the very best in the industry. Facilities do not need to be AGM Members to achieve this honor.

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