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Association of Golf Merchandisers

About the AGM

The AGM is an international, professional association of golf-related merchandisers, vendors, and sales reps. Members include golf professionals, buyers, merchandisers, students, club managers, owners, and suppliers to the golf industry. Headquartered in California, the AGM is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation founded in 1989 and governed by a 19-member volunteer Board of Directors.

Types of Membership

Merchandiser Membership

An AGM Merchandiser is a golf retail professional dedicated to enhancing the profitability and success of golf shops through strategic buying, innovative merchandising, and industry best practices.

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Vendor Membership

An AGM Vendor Partner is a trusted supplier in the golf industry who collaborates with golf retail professionals to provide high-quality products, innovative solutions, and exclusive promotions that enhance the overall retail experience.

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Sales Rep Membership

An AGM Sales Rep is a dedicated professional who represents golf industry products and services, building strong relationships with golf retailers to drive sales and promote brand success.

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