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The following Vendor Partners comprise the AGM Affiliate membership. Buying incentives and special offers are offered by many of these Vendor Partners.

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Elastic Suite

Contact: Maddie Olhoeft

Address: 1444 Wazee St., 333, Denver CO 80222

Phone: 716-289-3168

Elastic Suite Website:

Products/Services: Elastic Suite is the best-in-class B2B ecommerce solution designed to bring retailers and brands to shared success through digital catalogs, virtual merchandising and all-in-one order placing and management tools. With an immersive ordering experience, buyers can deepen and expand their product mixes, curate assortments and track of their inventory and order data - all in one solution. Whiteboards, digital catalogs and interactive assortment builders put the fun back in wholesale buying!

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RepSpark Affiliate

Golf Genius Software

Contact: Gregory Stark

Address: 311 Orchard Way, Suite700, Wayne PA 19087

Phone: 443-277-2499

Golf Genius Software Website:

Products/Services: Golf Genius provides software the tournament operations, golf shop operations, and coaching/scheduling.

- J -

Jonas Club Software

Contact: Vache Hagopian

Address: 8133 Warden Avenue, Ste 400, Markham ON L6G 1B3

Phone: 888-789-9073

Fax: 905-763-0527

Jonas Club Software Website:

Products/Services: Jonas Software provides enterprise club management software to over 3,500 clubs worldwide in 15 countries. Our vision to be the global leaders in club management software is made possible by our commitment to technology, innovation, quality and client service.

- R -

RepSpark Systems

Contact: Meghann Butcher

Address: 751 S Weir Canyon Rd., Suite 157/509, Anaheim CA 92808

Phone: 949-689-7789

RepSpark Systems Website:

Products/Services: RepSpark is the leading B2B eCommerce platform for the golf industry with over 3,000 green grass, resort and specialty retailers on the platform within this space. RepSpark provides line presentation tools such as digital catalogs and line sheets and facilitates error free order entry transactions with customization/logo support and event/tournament microsites.

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Buying Incentive
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Tee Commerce

Contact: Jeff Piltch

Address: 175 William F McClellan Hwy, East Boston MA 02128

Phone: 339-222-3142

Tee Commerce Website:

Products/Services: Tee Commerce is your partner and path to a profitable online shop without the headaches, inventory risk, or extra work for your team.
A new revenue stream for the course and a fresh amenity for your members...without the stress.