Catalyzing Golf Retail: RepSpark Redefines Wholesale Dynamics

AGM is delighted to welcome RepSpark, an innovative AGM vendor partner, to share their insights into revolutionizing wholesale interactions in the golf industry. With a mission to B2Better, RepSpark facilitates seamless connections between brands and buyers, offering solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the golf market. From streamlining order processes to facilitating customization and enhancing digital marketing efforts, RepSpark is at the forefront of transforming golf retail. Join us as we delve into their journey and future innovations, aimed at empowering retailers and brands alike.

AGM: Can you tell us about the inception of your company and its mission in the golf industry?

RepSpark: The inception for our company was from a desire to B2Better, to allow brands and buyers to connect and transact. Our vision is to inform and empower businesses in their wholesale journey, whether this be within the realm of order entry, digital catalog presentation, marketing, tracking orders and invoices and getting paid. Within the golf industry specifically, our platform supports capturing customizations directly on order entry which facilitates a streamlined and error free ordering. In addition, RepSpark supports tournament events and pop-up shops.


AGM: What unique challenges have you faced in the golf industry, and how did you overcome them?

RepSpark: The golf industry is unique in that the buyers/retailers are mostly golf pros. Their retail space exists because they are part of a golf club. This is similar to boutique gyms, tennis clubs and resorts. We partner with and support many organizations aimed at education and teaching these buyers how to better serve their customers in the shop like they do on the range. Golf is also unique in that 80% or more polos, quarter zips and other apparel is customized for the club. Our platform can handle the customization process to ensure error free ordering. 

AGM: What’s your vision for the future of golf retail and what role does RepSpark play in this future?

RepSpark: RepSpark’s vision is that through using RepSpark golf retailers can have the support and visibility they need to place the most profitable and compelling assortment in their store and to manage and pay their orders in the most streamlined way so they can get back to doing what they love, which is teaching and supporting golfers on their course.  

AGM: Can you share an example of how RepSpark has evolved over time?

RepSpark: RepSpark started with servicing the sales reps- hence the name RepSpark.  Then, we transitioned to supporting buyers and retailers- supporting their growth and development to B2Better. Next came the need for digital marketing, catalogs, merchandising whiteboards and tradeshow support. During COVID we had brands open new doors by sending custom assortments when they were not able to physically be at the location. Then came understanding the need for buyers to easily find and connect with new brands- this was supported by our Community.  Now RepSpark has added payments, making it even easier for brands to get paid.

AGM: What are your upcoming innovations that golf retailers should look forward to?

RepSpark: Payments- making it easier to view and pay outstanding invoices. We are also looking at better ways to connect with POS systems to understand sell through and what fold shops should be ordering based on what’s left onsite. 


AGM: How do you support education and training through your products and services?

RepSpark: Our mission is to be the guide for all brands to B2Better, and education is a key element of guiding. We partner with associations like AGM to provide webinars and training. We also have a success team that provides monthly webinars and other training to ensure both brands and buyers are being their best.

AGM: What feedback from a retailer has significantly influenced a redesign or improvement?

RepSpark: We are closely soliciting feedback from retailers and brands using the platform.  Most recently, retailers have been asking for ways to pay for the invoices already displayed in RepSpark so we are launching RepSpark Payments to support this, allowing retailers to pay for all invoices from all their brands (Caveat: on RepSpark with Payments activated) right off the retailer dashboard in the RepSpark Community.


AGM: What message would you like to leave with AGM members about your brand and products?

RepSpark: We exist to serve you- both brands and retailers in the golf, fitness, resorts, fishing and other verticals we serve. Continue to give us feedback on how we can make your wholesale B2Better.

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