#1 Tool to Increase Clarity by Dr. Heather Penny

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Written by Dr. Heather Penny

Each of us holds vast reservoirs of clarity, confidence and courage within us–we just need to learn how to access it. Increasing your Clarity, building your Confidence and engaging your Courage is the 3C Living and Leading Coaching Model. Join the discussion as we talk about how to first increase your Clarity.

#1 Tool to Increase Clarity – it’s not what you think!

clarity/clar-i-ty n.

  1. the quality of being clear
  2. the quality of being easily understood
  3. the quality of being certain or definite

When was the last time you saw with crystal clarity? You held a certainty about the way you understood things. Clarity is a light that shines the way, while confusion is a darkness that swirls around us and keeps us stuck. So how do we get more clarity?


I’m not talking about a type of rest associated with a good night’s sleep, but rather a rest that goes beyond this. A rest that is RESTorative to the mind, body, heart, and spirit. 

What brings you a sense of peace and allows you to exhale? 

Perhaps it is getting lost in a good book, playing games with your kids, taking a walk in nature, or enjoying dinner with friends. Whatever it is that makes you come alive and brings peace is what I call RESTorative rest. This higher standard for rest is wholistic. It gives your mind, body, heart, and spirit a break from keeping up with the constant busyness and mind chatter that goes along with a fast pace. 

Think about it. What happens when you’re pushing hard and running through life at a neckbreak speed? Do you feel more clear? Of course not. We just feel frenzied and exhausted, even anxious and scared. And when we live in a world that is constantly pushing us to keep up with a pace of life that someone, somewhere has set, we need to stop. 

Set your own pace of life. 

For the sake of clarity, slow down. 

Take a beat and rest. RESToratively. 

Slow down to enjoy the sun setting, kids playing, stories unfolding, and songs being sung. You will find that as you pause in RESTorative rest it will increase your clarity. And with slowing down, we change the question from “How do I keep up and survive another day?” to “How do I slow down and thrive another day?”

Rest brings clarity. Busyness clouds the mind. 

Each day you commit to finding your rest will give you the clarity you need to author your life story well. And this leads you into living the life you really want. What’s getting in the way of you slowing down? Be clear and have the courage to face whatever is blocking you from stepping into your REST. 

Take the time today to discover what you crave to rest RESToratively.

Next time, join us as we talk about building your Confidence.

Based on Grace Space, which is the first book in the “3C Living and Leading” series. 

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